Rhys Darby: It's Rhys Darby Night!

Rhys Darby: It's Rhys Darby Night!

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Region 4 (NZ)

Hey party-goers, look who's back! This is the long awaited return of ME on DVD.

I developed this show on the road and received big LOL's in LA, London, Edinburgh, and parts of Australia. Finally I toured my home country, New Zealand. It was absolutely choisome! (choice + awesome).

Loads of you turned up, so thanks for jumping on board. Here's the final stop on the Darby train – The mighty Civic Theatre, Auckland.

In the extra's section I have put together behind the scenes footage from the NZ tour, and my favourite characters, Bill Napier and Ron Taylor make an appearance.

It's Rhys Darby night!

Running Time: 55 Mins
Extras: 47 Mins